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An International
Experience Delivered 
Right to Your Door

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We want to be your Calgary caterer of choice.

EthniCity offers a diverse menu with delicious items from around the world, prepared by newcomers in our kitchen training program. Every purchase made at EthniCity supports the Centre for Newcomer’s mission to support newcomers and Calgary as a whole in becoming a diverse, united community. 

Contact us here to place a custom order or make an inquiry.

Our Cafes

We have two café locations, both of which are run with the help of our newcomer trainees. 
Our first café at Village Square Leisure Centre (2623 56 St NE) opened in September 2021 with support from The City of Calgary. 



Our second location opened in August 2023 at the Centre for Newcomers main location in Northgate Mall (565 36 St NE #125).


Hungry Already?
Our Signature Dishes Are Served by our Catering Service and at Our Cafes


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EthniCity is funded by Seniors, Community and Social Services (SCSS) & United Way Calgary & Area

We are Open:

Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


125, 565 - 36 Street NE

Calgary AB, T2A 6K3

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