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About Us

EthniCity began over twenty years ago. 

More than two decades ago Ethnicity began as a Collective Kitchen offering peer support to newcomer women in a church basement and has grown to become one of Calgary’s most beloved social enterprises. 

We are a fully operational commercial catering company with two café locations operated by the Centre for Newcomers, with the support of our newcomer clients. We offer cafe & kitchen work experience and training to immigrants as they build their lives in Calgary and in doing so, our business helps to support the important work done by the Centre for Newcomers. Over the years, we have had hundreds of newcomers to Calgary benefit from our training program. 


During our 10-week program, trainees gain experience in a commercial kitchen setting.

They receive a food handling certification, as well as assistance finding employment after they complete the program. Our Kitchen Training Program is geared towards highly-barriered newcomers with low English levels, low levels of education and those who have struggled to find Canadian employment. Our students receive classroom and kitchen training that allows them to practice their kitchen skills, customer service skills, English skills and connect with the community. 

While we have grown over the years, our mission remains the same – to support newcomers and the receiving community in becoming a diverse, united community, all while serving delicious food. Every purchase you make with EthniCity supports that mission. 

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